Since 1997, The Financial and Retailers Protection Association (FRPA), has been the Midwest leader and not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting financial and serious retail property crimes. It is the only organization in the United States that focuses on local concerns and looks for global property crime trends to prevent, identify and deter these types of crimes.

The FRPA formed in 1997 in Minnesota as a not for profit association and quickly expanded to provide member support to other states interested in our approach. The FRPA manages information from financial institutions and retailers regarding common investigations concerning financial frauds and serious organized property crimes. FRPA has developed theft reporting databases for use by its members, while actively looking for crime patterns and trends within the local community and for regional trends.

"I log in every day, at the beginning of the day, to see what is going on in the world of financial crime. It’s That important."

Jay Haws
CFO/Operations Officer
Vision Bank
4725 Highway 7
St. Louis Park, MN

"FRPA has been very helpful with the number of bad checks we encountered in our first few years of business as a Grocery Store in south Minneapolis.

Herb Bergson personally came out and met with us and fully explained his services to us which has been very beneficial to our business. We highly recommend FRPA as a valuable tool for any business."

Ray Oxendale
Store Manager
Oxendale's Market
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Today, our membership includes more than 1,200 registered online users. FRPA works with law enforcement agencies, technology experts, government officials, prosecutors, other crime-fighting organizations and the public to meet our mission and deliver membership value. FRPA offers a variety of services to specific types of businesses. We host an interactive host "page" for each of the following types of businesses: Law Enforcement, Financial Institutions, Retailers, and Hotel/Motel Keepers.

We also offer services for citizen victims and training for all of the above groups. We are a one-of-a-kind service that has proven to be successful both at stopping thieves at the "front door" before the transaction is made, as well as research tools to catch the thief after a theft has been committed.

"I would like to thank everyone who makes the FRPA website possible.

This website offers not only information on crimes happening locally, but across the country. We learn about the different ways crimes are committed and it determines how our company conducts business....from our convenience stores to our oil and propane business. We look at how we accept checks and credit cards, making sure our employees receive the proper training for accepting these items and they help us be more dilligent about watching for potential problems at ATM machines and gas pumps.

When we think about all the ways fraud can happen, we know we must rely on all the resources available to us. The website is easy to use, extremely informative and has proven to be a valuable resource for our company. We are looking forward to utilizing the new website and continuing to learn and be informed.
Thanks to all of you at FRPA!"

Laurie Toland
Credit Manager
Curtis Oil and Propane
4985 Miller Trunk Highway
Hermantown, MN 55811